By arrangement only, guests may bring their own dog, cat or caged bird to the Holiday Park if they are staying in their own caravan, camper-van or tent.

We do not permit guests staying in accommodation owned by Fernwood Holiday Park to take pets into their accommodation. – Guests may bring pets if the animal sleeps outside. – We do not have kennels available for guests pets to use.

We ask guests who bring a pet to abide by the following conditions.
  • Dogs will be kept on a lead on your own site at all times.
  • The dog will be taken off site for a walk.
  • If the cat / dog has an accident on site, the owner will be expected to clean up after it.
  • If the pet behaves in a manner which the owners or another guest considers annoying or threatening, the owner and their pet will be asked to leave.
Please call us to discuss your requirements.